Beauty Queen

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Impression sur Aluminium
Format 50 x 75cm
Beauty Queen is an artistic series about women and the dilemma they have to choose between hapiness & power in a patriarchy social world. I decided to represent some of the most iconic women in the different eras of human history. A picture as a painting,
a captured symbol in a "still life" moment. Living legends and still after their death but also symbol of their own vulnerability. Real icons like Marylin Monroe, Cleopatra, Kylie Jenner and Frida Kahlo. This art series is about women’s beauty standards throughout history. How they used it to achieve their goals, how they started from the bottom to climb on the top of the world’s scale and access at the end of what everybody want to access. But unfortunately, what brings these icons to their own decline ? Is power a hindrance or a boost for women’s happiness ?

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