Unlocking the possibilities of an image

« Visual story teller conceptualizer and problem solver »

Having fun with images & pushing the boundaries of images while unlocking the potential of visual perception

Product details

The experience is targeted for people enthusiastic about art, graphics and images using Photoshop and/or Illustrator and how to play around and have fun with them. Basically, it consists of 5 sections
1- Introduction to software basics and tools to create the content in an easy & practical way + Trials & experimentation with techniques
2- Story Telling & conceptualization: What do we want to show, the symbols and why (what are we trying to communicate with the viewer)
3- Images selection
4- Image Manipulation & composition
5- Optimization for Social Media and Print

Duration: 5 Days
Date: From 14/10/19 to 18/10/19
Time: 6 to 7.45 pm + 15 min break
Location: Bhive Hamra

Level : Open level, the artist will cater to the paste of the participant

We(my 7 personalities) have worked in various aspects in the design and Art world. Rangi...


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