« Wild beauty, exquisite sensuality strong and fragile with a scent of misunderstanding »

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Concrete sculpture embedded in a resistant material like stone. About twenty layers of paints are applied thereafter. For this glossy finish, hand polishing is carried out by a succession of finer and finer abrasives.
"During my childhood, an event marked me forever.Our neighborhood was not very far from a building that was forbidden to us.Nothing better for children than to defy it.This building was a former industrial chicken coop. We found (for children) our "treasure." These small red objects, later we learned that they were glasses so that hens do not see each other, to avoid fights to death.
After studying at the Beaux-Arts, my animal sculptures are oriented towards a seductive aesthetic, their pure and soft lines attract the hand, discover them by the touch will intoxicate all your senses with an intense appeasement.

There are forms that challenge. In an animal register, Gilles Quéré expresses himself wi...


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