If a swallow doesn't make spring, which swallow?

« Whoever conceals his MADman dies voiceless »

A history of the oracles in the Mediterranean.
A film written and directed by Manuela Morgaine
Color video, 94 minutes
Produced by Envers Compagnie and Artistes & Associés, 2007

This film will accompany the future installation ORAKL - A DOOR THAT SPEAKS YOU

Product details

Image: Manuela Morgaine
Editing: Pauline Lormant
Sound composition: Philippe Langlois
Music: Maliétès.
Presented at the Ecofilms festival in Rhodes in June 2009.

This film is the result of a three-year survey in the Mediterranean from Italy to India, Libya, Turkey, by mythology, by the "center of the world", Delphi at the heart of the Greece.
He gives the words to men, animals, seas and stones. What still calls us contemporaries? Why do we still need rites and myths to consider the future? Why do we know that whatever happens the sky and its milky way is above us? What is an oracle? In all its forms, its practices, its vows, its traces? Where is the oracle? In different countries of the world where this genius of the place still exists, the film translates the words and reports the gestures of its inhabitants.

Product delivered.
Possibility to download the following film hereunder which accompanies the installation of ORAKL and which is a survey on the oracular places of Mediterranean.

Of Egyptian and Mediterranean descent, Manuela Morgaine, lives and wor...


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