Out of the blue

« Whoever conceals his MADman dies voiceless »

A film by Manuela Morgaine, 52 minutes, 2003
Image: Sabine Lancelin
Sound: Laurent Sellier
Editing: Dora Soltani
Artistic collaboration: Francesca Pollock
Production: Playfilm, La muse en circuit, Envers compagnie
Nevada - Utah - Arizona - New Mexico -
Four states - four artists - four utopias -

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I discovered 14 years ago, the existence of a New World invented by some artists as a space of creation, a horizon, to the disproportion of the world and their utopias.
Extreme artists, "savages", no longer leave their art, nor themselves, or be tamed by the world of cities and culture, no longer accepting to put it in a box. Having all in common the need to invent in the heart of the immensity of a desert.
On several deserts of the American West, in the sixties, artists, recognized, lonely, tired of the world of show bizz or galleries, came to install their space. The more or less intimate, the freest, the most utopian. Water lilies posed on peaks of pebbles, stars of the sands, they chose a free zone, depopulated, decentered to invent their own center of the world.
How and where to draw the fourth dimension?

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Of Egyptian and Mediterranean descent, Manuela Morgaine, lives and wor...


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