Boshie Hat

« Boshies reflects a triple passion for fashion, social entrepreneurship and oriental culture »

Product details

The Boshie hat, which name derives from the word “tarbooshi” meaning “my tarboosh” in arabic. The Boshie is a fashion accessory aiming at reviving the identity of the traditional tarboosh (fez in English), through a new cut, 60 years after its extinction from the Oriental world.

- Technical Specs: 65% linen 35% cotton
- Dimensions: Length 22cm, Width 18cm, Height 15cm.
- Size available:

Measurement should be taken from forefront:
i. 52/53cm For X-Small Size
ii. 54/55cm For Small Size
iii. 56/57cm For Medium Size
iv. 58/59cm For Large Size
v. 60/62cm For X-Large Size

Color Available: Red, Blue, Kaki, Black.

In spring 2016, Boshies launched its first product: the Boshie hat, which name derive...


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